Agent Chat Add-On

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I. Overview



AgentChat Add-On provides your agents team with a dynamic and interactive communication. It allows chatting with all agents and with the groups that have permission. The package allows you to check the history of conversation if needed to check some old messages. It is displayed in each OTRS view so you can work and chat at the same time.



II. Supported Versions 


AgentChat Add-On is supported by all versions of OTRS 5 starting from v5.0.14., 6.x.x.

Provided a new version is released within a year from purchasing one of the premium add-ons, the upgrade of a purchased one will be free of charge.




III. User's Guide


AgentChat is a feature that will allow you to communicate with other agents or to a whole group in real time without sending tickets or using other platforms.   

Once the add-on has been installed you will see on the bottom right side of the screen two chat lists:








The Agent list - Agents have access to interact with all the agents within the agent list. 

The Group list - Agents are limited to chat only with those groups that were assigned to them. 


*The steps to Chat are as following: 

  1. Choose between the two chat lists (agent or group).
  2. Click on the person or group you want to get in touch with.
  3. Enter your message text through the text field.
  4. Submit it by pressing Enter (on your keyboard).


ChatAgent Characteristics 

  1. Within the chat next to the message, default avatars will be displayed with the initials of the first and last name. Also, to change the displayed avatar is possible in Preferences(The avatar can't be larger than 50x50.). 







2. Within the chat is possible to identify your messages in blue and messages from the person you are talking within gray. 







3. Whenever there are some open conversation agents can see when the other person is typing a message for them (displayed just above text field).







4. For both agent and group list, there is the option to see all messages that haven't been read in the conversation.





5. When a message does not reach a person, a red exclamation mark will be displayed next to the message. If the mouse is hovered over the red exclamation mark a message explaining the reason will appear.





IV. Installation Process


It is important to highlight that for better performance Mojolicius package needs to be installed in your server. It is possible to install Mojolicius through one-liner: 


“$ curl -L | perl - -M -n Mojolicious” 


Usually, when you have had an unsuccessful installation of Mojolicious is due to a missing essential package in your system. Linux users can try using: “apt-get install build-essential”. 


 1. After logging in, select Admin from the top bar to open the Administration Panel. Then, select System Administration (at the bottom part) and Package Manager Module.









2. Within the Package Manager Module,locate the Actionswindow (left side of the panel) and select Browse or Choose file depending on your browser. 




3. Browse to the location where you saved the package file then select Open.



4. Select Install Package, located underneath the File upload button.





5. A message regarding OTRS Group Recommendation will appear. Click Continue to install the package.





 6. If all steps were correctly followed, a message regarding OTRS Premium will appear. When you see this message, select Continue. At this point, your new module has been successfully installed.