Customer Portal Add-On

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 I. Overview & Demo

It allows Admins to add predefined links which can lead to new prefilled ticket creation views, navigate through OTRS and open external pages. 

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II. Supported Versions

Customer Portal is supported by OTRS 6.x.x.

Provided a new version is released within a year from purchasing one of the premium add-ons, the upgrade of a purchased one will be free of charge.


III. User's Guide

 1. Enable Customer Portal in customer user preferences. 

After the package has been installed, the agent with admin group permissions should configure system configuration options. It needs to be changed in Admin → System Configuration. 

1.1. Frontend::Themes. 

Type 'theme' in search bar and click on Core::Web result. Then look for Frontend::Themes setting and add Customer Style as it is described in picture below.


Type 'theme' in the search bar and confirm, click on 
Frontend::Customer::Preferences subgroup from results. Then look for CustomerPreferencesGroups###Theme setting and change Active key content to 1.

1.3. Change OTRS look in customer user preferences. 

Within user preferences, you should see Theme section. Pick newly enabled Customer Style and update. 

As a result, the new OTRS look and information about successful preferences update should be shown.


Navigation menu type 

To choose the type of navigation for customer user go to preferences and pick custom in Type of navigation for customer views and update. 

result, the new navigation menu in the top right corner of the view should be shown. 

Ticket links example 

TicketLinks allows customers to have a searchable list of links which can redirect to ticket creation view with already filled form or some external directories. 

TicketLinks module can be configured by Agents with admin group permissions. To use module functionalities some links should be added to the configuration. 


Search filter through all links setup within all elements. When sentence provided in search input matches the link name the link stays displayed in view and the rest of the links are not visible. Search is case insensitive. 

FAQ elements 

FAQ elements are listed just below the search input. Links displayed within that element are hidden by default and opens when clicked on element name.

6. Main elements 

Main elements are intended to store links grouped in with a short visible description. Element links are always exposed in CustomerTicketLinks view. 

IV. Installation Process

1. After logging in, select Admin from the top bar to open the Administration. Then, locate System Administration (at the bottom part) and Package Manager Module.



2. Within the Package Manager Module, locate the Actions window (left side of the panel) and select Browse or Choose file depending on your browser.
2. Browse button
3. Browse to the location where you saved the package file, highlight it and select.


4. Select Install Package, located underneath the File upload button.



5. A message might appear saying that the package is not verified by OTRS Group. Click Continue to install the package.


6. If all steps were correctly followed, a message regarding OTRS Premium will appear. When you see this message, select Continue. At this point, your new module has been successfully installed.