Customer Chat Add-on

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I. Overview 

CustomerChat provides agents and customers with dynamic and interactive communication. It allows agents to chat among them, to talk with customers and to get in touch with people navigating the website. 

II. Supported Versions

CustomerChat is supported by OTRS v5x.x.
Provided a new version is released within a year from purchasing one of the premium add-ons, the upgrade of a purchased one will be free of charge.


III. User's Guide 

 1. Usage

Once the CustomerChat Add-On has been installed, on the right bottom side of the screen a chat window with few lists will be visible. 


*Important (agent view)-The Agent will have access to interact with all agents within the Agent list but will have only access to chat with the Groups of agents that were assigned to him or her. 

In the Customer list the agents can see all chats related to its tickets and all the incoming questions that were assigned to them. 

The Pending list contains tickets that have not been assigned to any agent and that can be assign it to an agent randomly to take care of it. 

The Anonymous list contains tickets that have been assigned to you but belong to customers that do not have OTRS account (that's why they are anonymous) because they just want to ask general questions. 

*Important (customer view)-The customers have access to Services that are assigned to them. 

*To chat with agents about services or used as general threads. 

The Ticket list can be used to ask responsible agents about specific tickets. *What it makes the contact much simpler and quicker. 

The Users list allows customers from the same company to chat among them. 

The Company list enables the whole company to get in touch. 

For example, if someone needs to ask questions without creating OTRS account, it can be done through the Customer panel. The only needed thing is to click on button located at the bottom right corner. Which, allows to chat with agents in a temporary session and it closes after determined time or it can be also closed by the responsible agents. 

Steps to Chat are as following: 

  • Choose one of the lists 
  • Click on the person or group you want to get in touch with. 
  •  Enter your message text through the text field 
  • Submit it by pressing Enter (on your keyboard) 


2. Characteristics

2.1. Next to each message an avatar icon will be displayed, for both agent and customer (next to the full name of the person). 


Within the chat, your messages can be identified in blue and in gray the messages from the person you are chatting with. 

*Another difference is that your messages do not have gravatar icon. 


2.3. When there is an open conversation you can see when another person is typing a message for you (displayed just above text field). 

*This feature will be only available if you fully installed CustomerChat. 

2.4. Also, below the bar, there is an option to see all messages that you have not read yet in a conversation.


2.5. When a message doesn't reach a person, a red exclamation mark will be displayed next to the message. 

*If you hover the mouse over that red exclamation mark, a message explaining the reason will appear. 

2.6. Above the chat lists, there is an eye icon that can be used to hide chats. Or it also can be useful to reveal hidden information under chat windows. 

*It is possible to hide/show chats whenever is needed. Just click on the icon above chats or if needed click on the icon at the bottom right corner. 

2.7.Some entries have '×' symbol next to names in the list. It is used to permanently close a conversation. 

*For example, if you close a chat with an anonymous user, that user will get information about it. Also, the whole history of the conversation will be deleted. 

*If you close a conversation in the Customer list, it will close the ticket and it will delete thread history. 


2.8. Both users and groups have next to their names a green or grey small circler telling them whether an agent or someone from the group is available now. 

  • Green means – someone is active 
  • Gray means – someone is not available 

Nonetheless, this agent or user with gray color can receive messages and is able to read them after logging into his OTRS account. 

2.9. To open few conversations at the same time. It is necessary the oldest one closes to make space on screen for new ones. 
*There can be only a few windows opened at the same time depending on your screen. Symbol '×' next to a name in conversation let you close window of this conversation. 
*Also, if you click on names it will 'fold' conversation window. To unfold it click again on its name. 

2.10. Users avatar is generated through gravatar. If the user is registered in he can set it as profile picture but if not, it will only show the default picture. 

*If you want to show a gravatar just go to Preference and change Chat Agent/Customer Photo to 'On' and click Update.