On-premise Essential

Regular price €2,000.00

Operating hours 8:00 am to 4 pm - Monday to Friday (CET)
Contract period Per year
Support tickets per year* 5
Max response time 16 hours
Email support Yes
Phone support No
Customer portal support Yes
Major incident report** Yes
Max response time 8 hours
Initial assessment Yes
Discount for Add-ons for OTRS 5%

How does it work?

Once you order the package we will contact you within max. 24 hours. We will activate your support package after the following steps:

1. Receive a generated Support Bundle list (from your system)

2. Provide your access to our Customer Portal

3. Sign support contract and NDA

Once this is done, we can go ahead and start our work for you.


* Support ticket means any question related to OTRS functionalities or minor incidents that are affecting partially your OTRS system.

** Major Incident means a total disruption of the service and you need our help to guide you remotely to reestablish your OTRS services back again based on your current system situation or your latest backup.