Time Between Queues Widget

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I. Overview

If you want to measure the time spent of a ticket per queue this addon will help you, it creates a new widget in the AgentTicketZoom and the information about spent time per queue will be displayed.


II. Supported Versions

Time Between Queues Widget addon is supported by OTRS Community Edition version 6.x.x.


III. Purchase Process

If you want to buy this addon just select your system version and click "ADD TO CART" and then you can "CONTINUE SHOPPING" or "CHECK OUT", please follow  the purchase options and at the end you can pay directly on your preferred payment method like PayPal or credit card. After you complete your payment you will receive your package immediately. 

This addon includes a pdf manual with the installation steps and the user guide to help on the setup of your system.


IV. Demo

Please contact us if you have any question about this addon. 


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