We are the leader in development of custom add-ons for OTRS.

We are the leader in development of custom add-ons for OTRS.

You can buy them directly at the store or simply drop us a line whether we have something what fits your needs.

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Founded in 2012, OTRS Addons is an integral part of OPGK Rzeszów S.A. with headquarters in Rzeszów, Poland. As the leader in creating custom OTRS plugins we serve customers amongst different businesses located all over the world, including Uruguay, Germany, Macedonia, the Netherlands, the USA, France and Greece. 

Our team consist of 30 experienced software developers who strive to build complex software solutions crafted with service desk implantations in mind. Prepared for businesses of all sizes, our solutions and dedicated custom-made projects help companies reach their full potential, optimize their processes and increase profits.  

freedom of choice

  • Your Custom OTRS with our add-ons

    There is no need to choose expensive monthly plans. Now You can choose which additional add-ons you want to use for your standard OTRS instance.

  • 3 months long support for Premium Add-ons

    Ordering any of our premium add-ons gives you an access to your 3 months long support and free upgrade.

  • Need something more?

    If for some reason you need something extra - we are here to help. We don't only sale add ons but we also develop custom ones.


What happens when I order the add-on?

Once you complete your order you will receive your OPM file. Installation Guide and Administration Guide are available on product description page (if it's premium). 

Are your add-ons OTRS compliant?

All our Premium Add-ons are fully compatible with OTRS Free. Even if you experience an issue with your Premium add-on you have a constant 3 month access to our Support Team.

What kind of experience do you have?

We are the leader in a number of built add-ons for OTRS. In addition we provide support and development for OTRS system to companies from all over the world. Our Clients are located in Germany, France, Norway, Uruguay, Spain, Poland and many more.

How can I get in touch with your support?

That's simple. Drop us a line at info@otrsaddons.com or give us a call at +48 694 509 649. Our operating hours are from 9:00 til 5:00 p.m. altough for our Clients we do provide even 24/7 support.

Who are we?

Some of you already know us :) The company behind Addons for OTRS is called OPGK Rzeszow S.A.