Admin Queue Service

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I. Overview

Add-on that allows linking the services to the queues. It limits the number of possible services according to the queue which the service is linked to. It helps agents and clients to create tickets faster and more accurately.

II. Supported Versions

This Add-On is supported by OTRS v3.3.x, 4.x.x, 5.x.x

III. Installation process

After downloading and unzipping the package you have to be logged in as the OTRS Administrator. This is necessary to install the package further.


Fig. 1. OTRS user logged as an Administrator.


After logging in go to the chart Admin and click it to open the Administration panel. Then go to the System Administration window and find the Package Manager module at the very bottom of the Administration panel. This module will allow you to update and extend your system with software packages.

Fig. 2. Package Manager module inside the Administration panel.


Inside the Package Manager click on the Choose the file button inside the Actions window which you will find on the left side of the panel.

Fig. 3. Choose the file button inside the Package Manager.


After clicking the button there will appear a new browser window which will allow you to choose the file you want to install. After unzipping the package you should find the installation file in the path:


Choose the AdminQueueService-1.5.0.opm file and click open in the web browser window.



If you followed all the steps above you should now click the Install package button inside the Action window

Fig. 5. Install package button.


If you will see the message about OTRS Group recommendation please click Continue button.

Fig. 6. OTRS recommendation verification window.


IV. User's Guide

After the installation process is completed you can see that new additional module in the administration panel has been installed which is called Queue <-> Services.

Fig. 7. A new module which allows to link responsible Agent to queue.


First thing we need to do is to go to Customer – Services module and choose any user you want to. When the linking module opens link some services to the user as it’s shown below and click Submit.


Fig. 8. Linking services to a specified user.


In the next step, we have to go to our brand new module Queue – Service. When the new window opens you will see a view which allows to link Services to Queues and it works just like standard OTRS modules e.g. Agent – Group module.

Fig. 9. Queue – Service view


Select ServiceToLink from the Service column. Then choose the queues you want to link to the certain service and click submit button.

Fig. 10. Setting up the queue – service relations.

Then Select SecondServiceToLink from the Service column. Then choose the queues you want to link to the certain service and click submit button. Do the same for ThirdServiceToLink configuration.


Once if above configuration is already prepared, create new phone ticket. Go to Tickets -> Create New Phone Ticket. In the field 

Service try to choose different available services. After setting a certain service you will see that in the field of Queues there will be only queues available which are linked to chosen service.

At the picture below there is only one queue available even though there are more queues defined in the system.


Fig. 11. Creating new ticket after linking Services to Queues


Fig. 12. Creating new e-mail ticket after linking Services to Queues