Agent Article Attachment Remove Add-On

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I. Overview



Agent Article Attachment Remove Add-On allows agents for complete removal of message attachments.



II. Supported Versions


Agent Article Attachment Remove Add-On is supported by OTRS v6.x.x.
Provided a new version is released within a year from purchasing one of the premium add-ons, the upgrade of a purchased one will be free of charge. 



III. User's Guide


Once the Agent Article Attachment Remove Add-On has been installed, the basic configuration allows all agents with RW-level permissions to queue to remove ticket attachments. When an attachment is removed, a notification about such an instance is added to the ticket log history.


1. Removing attachment from ticket attachment panel view

After running a correct installation, users with RW-level permissions to a queue are granted access to the Remove Attachments button in the AgentTicketZoom.



Clicking the Remove Attachments button displays a view that allows removing ticket attachments.


The view is composed of the following elements:



1. A close window button.


2. A table that includes all attachments for a particular ticket sorted by articles, with oldest on top.


3. Article No. column “ includes the number of an article visible in AgentTicketZoom.


4. Attachment column “ allows downloading attachments.


5. Remove column “ Clicking the button will cause confirmation of attachment removal to be displayed. Confirming the action will cause an attachment to be removed and the attachment list to be updated.


6. “ The additional attributes of Ticket/Attachment columns and their display can be defined in system configuration.


After clicking the button from column 3, information about a necessary confirmation will be displayed:




Clicking the confirmation button will cause an attachment to be removed from the system and the list to be updated.




2. Removing an attachment from AgentTicketZoom

Attachments can be also removed directly from AgentTicketZoom. This can be done by clicking the footnote located in the ticket list. This action opens a window with attachment list.

Click the bin icon to remove an attachment. A confirmation window will be shown. After clicking the confirmation button, the attachment is removed and the attachment list gets updated.




3. Information on removing an attachment in the log history.

Removing an attachment by an agent is noted in the log history. Such a log in added in case an attachment is removed both from the panel and AgentTicketZoom.





IV. Installation Process


1. After logging in, select Admin from the top bar to open the Administration Panel. Then, select System Administration (bottom right side) and Package Manager Module.




2. Within the Package Manager Module, locate the Actions window (left side of the panel) and select Browse.





3. When a new window appears, highlight the file you want to install, then select Open.



4. Select Install Package, located underneath the File button.





5. A message regarding OTRS Group Recommendation will appear. Click Continue to install the package.




6. If all steps were correctly followed, a message regarding OTRS Premium will appear. When you see this message, select Continue. At this point, your new module has been successfully installed.