Quick Close Add-On

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I. Overview

It closes tickets with one click. 


II. Supported versions

This add-on is supported by OTRS v5.x.x., v6.x.x.


III. Installation process 

1. After logging in go to top bar and click on Admin to open the Admistration panel. Then go to System Administration section (bottom right side) and find Package Manager module.



2. Inside Package Manager module search for the "actions" window which you will find on the left side of the panel and click on the "browser" button.



3. It will appear a new browser window which will allow you to choose the file you want to install. Then you should click "open". 




4. Now you should click on "install package" button below the file button.


5. If all previous steps were done in the proper way the message about OTRS Group recommendation should appear, if so please click the "continue" button. It means that the new module has been successfully installed.



IV. User's Guide

In order to continue with the Quick Close add-ons settings you have to make sure to be login as "OTRS Administrator"


1. Once the Quick Close add-on has been installed go to the top bar and click on Admin to open the Administration panel. Then go to the System Administration Section (bottom right side) and find Quick Close Module.



2. Inside, in Quick Close Management options, click "add text" in section "actions".




3. Now you will see a "form" which can be used for quick closing tickets. Fill it in with the appropriate information, if necessary you can create more than one "form".

4. After enter in all the required information click the "save" button.Once you have save the changes, you will see the following information on your screen. 

5. You can use any of the "forms" when you want to close a ticket. For instance, go to Ticket Panel and choose Status View for dropdown menu. Now select the tickets you want to close from the list below.



6. Click on the "quickclose" button placed above the ticket list and from the dropdown menu choose the "form" you have created by the name.



Right after you click on the form, they will immediately be closed according to the chosen action in the form. E.g. If you choose "closed successful" they will disappear and be moved to Closed Tickets tab (on the right side).