Ticket Alert On Accounted Time Add-On

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I. Overview

This package makes a report by sending notification (AlertGroup) when accounted time overruns (AlertAfterMinutes) and Ticket is in (AlertQueueIDs).


II. Supported versions

This add-on is supported by OTRS v5.x.x., v6.x.x.


III. Installation process

1. After logging in go to top bar and click on Admin to open the Admistration panel. Then go to System Administration section (bottom right side) and find Package Manager module. This module will allow you to update and extend your system by installing additional packages.




2. Inside Package Manager module search for the "actions" window which you will find on the left side of the panel and click on browse button.



3. After clicking the button there will appear a new browser window which will allow you to choose the file you want to install. Then you should click open.



4. Now you should click on install package button below the file button.




5. If all previous steps were done in the proper way the message about OTRS Group recommendation should appear, if so please click the continue button. It means that the new module has been successfully installed.



IV. User's Guide

1. Once the Ticked Alert On Accounted Time add-on has been installed non further steps are needed.