Multiple Dashboards Add-On

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I. Overview

It changes the dashboard menulink to a dropdown menu and provides extra dashboards with different settings

II. Supported versions

This Add On is supported by OTRS v5.x.x, v6.x.x.

III. Installation process

1. After logging in go to top bar and click on Admin to open the Admistration panel. Then go to System Administration section (bottom right side) and find Package Manager module. 


2. Inside Package Manager module search for the "actions¨ window which you will find on the left side of the panel and click on "browse" button. 


3. It will appear a new browser window which will allow you to choose the file you want to install. Then you should click "open".


    4.  Now you should click on "install package" button below the file button


    5. If all previous steps were done in the proper way the message about OTRS Group recommendation should appear, if so please click the "continue" button. It means that the new module has been successfully installed.


    IV. User's Guide

    Usually OTRS allows you to have only one dashboard panel. But once Multiple dashboard add-on is installed, two additional dashboards will be automatically added to the Dashboard dropdown menu.


    1. But If you would like to have more than those, then go to Admin to open the Administration panel. Find System Administration section (bottom right side) and open SysConfig.



    2. You will see Actions bar on the left side with several options to choose from. You will have to choose "Framework" and click on it.


    3. As result you will see a list of SubGroups, find  "Frontend::Agent::ModuleRegistration". And please click on it.


    4. Now you must find section Frontend::Module###AgentMultipleDashboards. Inside the section content you will see sections Loader and NavBar. Please go to Navbar.


    5. Scroll down inside the NavBar section untill you see a small button "Add NavBar entry". Click on it. Right after a new Dashboard group will be added with several empty fields.


    6. Please fill the fields with information shown in the following screen. If you want to add more Dashbards you must increase the number in fields: Name and Link by 1 each and for each new Dashboard. Also the Priority must be increased by 2 each time. Other fields must remain unchanged.

    Click update button after the change.


    7. Now for the Dashboards dropdown menu a forth Dashboard will be available.