Show Queue Comment

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I. Overview



Show Queue Comment Add-On allows to see queue comment in ticket create forms.



II. Supported Versions


Show Queue Comment Add-On is supported by OTRS v5. x.x.



III. Installation Process


1. After logging in, select Admin from the top bar to open the Administration Panel. Then, select System Administration (bottom right side) and Package Manager Module.




2. Within the Package Manager Module, locate the Actions window (left side of the panel) and select Browse.





3. When a new window appears, highlight the file you want to install, then select Open.





4. Select Install Package, located underneath the File button.





5. If all steps were correctly followed, a message regarding OTRS Group Recommendation will appear. When you see this message, select Continue. At this point, your new module has been successfully installed.




IV. User's Guide


1. Once the Show Queue Comment Add-On has been installed, locate the top bar and select Tickets (middle part). Then, select New Mail Ticket or New Phone Ticket.



2. Within New Phone Ticket you will see the field "To queue", which will contain the description of the selected queue.